Fei Fei ft. Molly Jenson - Twilight
(Tyler Michaud Broken Machine Remix)

[ Feided ]

Feided spawns a bold and edgy sound – artists daring to push the boundaries of trance, techno and progressive. The label's debut features one of Fei-Fei's very own productions, a massive vocal bomb called "Twilight", with singer/songwriter Molly Jenson. After dancing across Tiesto's Club Life, winning the Global Selection on Markus Schulz Global DJ Broadcast, getting a brilliant review in Mixmag and a feature spread in DJ Times, Fei-Fei is in full force and Feided is about to wreak some major havoc! Tyler Michaud gives the release a rough future-tech-industrial edge. Do you feel it? Its time to get FEIDED... [Warning do not take with other substances]

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