Gary Proud - The Republic (Tyler Michaud I'm A Toxic Person Breaks Remix)


The newest VANDIT member dipped his very young toes into the sea of electronic dance music by only seven years! Gary Proud from Newcastle is now, 18 years later, DJ at the hottest clubs of the United Kingdom, playing along side Paul van Dyk, Tiesto and Deadmau5. The days of only rocking the booth are over now – his passion is unstoppable and so the studio work was a more than foreseeable next step.

Quite astonishing though is the quality of his first ever release. Not so much of a surprise that Paul van Dyk signed "The Republic" right away for his label VANDIT Digital. The tense and impulsive character of "The Republic" is paired with a dark, energetic drive. Almost at a hypnotic stage Proud forces the listener from nervous foot tabbing to revel'ish dance performances – regardless if at the club or public transport plugged to your iPod!

Tyler Michaud provides a phenomenal unique breakbeat remix that will captivate your aural senses.

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